Song for Syria

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About Milo

"Milo might not fit our idea of the average refugee from the Middle East, either on paper or in person. A Syrian national, he came here legally via Dubai two years ago. He is just finishing up his master’s degree and has a contract for a well-paying IT job. Sounds ideal for many of us Ausländer. Yet even as Germany accepts its second batch of 5000 asylum seekers from Syria, Milo may get sent in the other direction."

- Extract from article "A song for Syria" at


Cold darkness death,
Is what Syrians face every day.
Nothing there is safe,
Even evils ran away.
In Syria babies die,
Before they're even born.
And the world is doing nothing,
Dm EWhile the killer asks who's turn...

لوحدنا بس عنا أمل
منآتل ومنصلي
ومهما طال الزمن
رح نبئى ورح بتفلي

In the oldest cities in the world,
People are dying for bread.
While leaders' useless words,
Lead to nothing but more dead.
Like the devil's dream of heaven,
They think that they will stay,
Our struggle is the rain,
Which will wash the dust away...

لوحدنا بس عنا أمل
منآتل ومنصلي
ومهما طال الزمن
...رح نبئى ورح بتفلي

We're alone but we have faith,
We fight and we pray.
No matter how long it takes,
You're going and we stay...